Mac Velvetease lip pencils

I went to The Bay recently and noticed that they have these new lipsticks that look like lipliners, and they were called velvetease lip pencils. What was so different about these pencils is that they are almost like the lipstick crayons that you would find tinted lipgloss in. But it was a cross between lpistick and lipliner all merged as one. They were on sale for around $20 and I fould a really nice strong red color and later decided to buy. I later realized that the ilp pencil gives you a matte look and the pigment is so strong that it can last all day. I usually where it alone and one time received a compliment for it when I went to buy a cup of coffee at starbucks the other day. I would probably buy this product again because I loved the color and the matte look that it would give. But I have to complain that it was kind of expensive and the stick wasn’t that long and I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth. I am not sure if they are still available at mac anymore but they are available on ebay. Here is the link to purchase MAC Velvetease Lip .