I was MIA

Hello everyone and welcome again to my blog. Now I know that I have been MIA and while I was MIA I have found a new hobby. Can you guess what it is? It’s exercising. Back then I had been going to the gym about twice a week and in all of that I had not been getting any results. Then one day I got on facebook and started browsing members ect. checking to see if I knew any of thes people. Then I saw a lady with a before and after picture of her fitness documentary. It was a huge transformation, I mean in the before picture her belly was huge and round like a basketball, and then her after picture was back to it’s normal size. So I sent her a private message and she told me about beachbody and how she stopped going to the gym anymore. She was actually a beachbody coach and didn’t mind helping me out. Anywayz, later on I went to the beachbody website and there they gave me the app to use for the workouts. And ever since then I have been hooked on exercising and taking care of my health. As a matter of fact I have already lost 2 inches around my waist ad I started back in March of this year. Now I workout everyday as I am trying to loose some of my unwanted belly fat and will hopefully loose some more weight, and I will keep you all updated on that in the future.