The Elements of Beachbody

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The elements of beachbody

exercise: exercise has become so important to me. I used to be really skinny growing up and tried to gain weight ( which is also known as bulking) So I started eating more than usuall and started gaining weight to the point werher I put on some belly fat. Now that I am following the beachbody programs, my weight has decreased. So I would definatley recommend this product to anyone who wants to loose weight because it works.

food: Right now I am currently doing intermittent fasting. This involves not eating for long periods of time ( hence the word fasting) Instead of meals I take protein shakes as a food supplement which can also help you to loose weight.

Clothes: When it comes to exercising I made sure to invest in some decent gym clothes that are affordable . My favorite store at the moment is Ardene, they have some great priced products dedicated to active wear.

Motivation: This is the foundation of working out and finding the reaons to work out. Finding your motivation can be hard but this can help determine if you are going to get the job done to workout. One of the celebrities I look to is Kenya Moore, she is a former miss usa and is also very fit. When I look at her pictures it gives me the motivation to work out. Another source of motivation is by looking at fashion models they always insipire me to work out because I want there bodies.

Goals: Some of my major goals that I have set for myself is to loose 1 inch off of my waist every month and be back to normal from cutting no later that february 2019, that way I will have enogh time to loose the weight.
Also if you are interested in the work out programs that I use please feel free to click on the beachbody picture for an affiliate link.

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