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Breville cafe aroma


Well, it’s been a while since I last posted and boy did I miss this blog. I took a break from blogging because I thought that I needed a break from everything. Ever since then, a lot has changed for me. I got a new job, and started going to the Gym and lost 8 pounds so far and am on my fourth month since I started. I also got the urge again to post on my blog because I am excited about a big purchase that I made. I bought an espresso machine! I just though that I should share this because coffee has been an important part of my life. BUT I feel like I have been spending too much money on lattes and capuccinos at Starbucks and Second cup. They are great cafes mind you but I just fee like I have been visiting them more than I should. Last night I did some budgeting on my favorite budgeting app (Mint) and it told me that I had spent $350 on fast food for the last month ! Now I have learned to be more cautious about my money recently and could not turn down the opportunity to save on some money. So I bought an espresso machine! It’s by Breville and it’s called the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine. I am so excited about this purchase because now I can save almost over half of the amount of money that I spent on fast food.

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