My Review of The Breville Cafe Roma

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As you have read from my previous blog post, I got a new espresso machine. Starbucks was hitting me up for my hard earned cash and I just couldn’t stand handing over the money. It felt like I was getting robbed. So I made the investment and bought a decent espresso machine from Amazon, hoping that I would be able to brew up my own latte. The investment that I made for the machine was for $150 canadian dollars. So it was kind of expensive but not in comparison to what I was spending at starbucks. Before, I would end up spending around $350 per month on fast food. I quickly noticed this and started to prepare my own food at home. So far I have saved $400 dollars. Anywayz, I would give this machine 9 out of ten stars. It is so easy to make coffee now! Before I was usinga milk frother/warmer from amazon and there was alot of cleaning invloved in keeping the warmer clean and cleaning up the burnt milk off of the warmer was a pain in the but! Now, all I have to do is put in the coffee grinds and use the milk jug that comes with it and steam the milk, the milk jug is so easy to clean. I can now make a latte in under 15min (including steaming the milk). If I want to make my own regular cup of coffee all I have to do is dilute the esspresso from the small cup with some hot water and there you have it! A regular cup of coffee. And I noticed the taste of the latte is phenominal ! I love it! At one time I wanted to make more than one cup. And I would pair the lattes with my favorite Torani syrup (vanilla and caramel) and would always want more. This little machine has stopped me from going to starbucks so far and I have probably only spent $20 there so far ever since I bought the machine, and I don’t plan on ever going back! If you are interested in purchasing your own cafe roma espresso machine, click here or on the affiliate link for a great deal.

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