Powder VS. no Powder

Powder VS. no Powder

I was playing with some makeup today and noticed that after I apply my liquid foundation, I set my face with powder I was always taught to put on setting powder, after the foundation is applied.

But , when I took a few pictures I noticed that my face looked so dry and gave it that caked on look. This time I wanted to try the same look but with just the foundation alone.

In my powder vs. no powder picture, I am wearing mac cosmetics water weight foundation in NC50 and in the picture with powder, I am wearing Mac studio fix.

So far I have learned something new, and that is to stay way from setting powders. Which one do you like the best?

The one where I am wearing the powder (on the left ) or the one without the powder ( on the right)? If you’re looking for the same foundation that I have on, visit the affiliate link here.