Prada Candy

Today, I’m going to share with you a secret that I have had a hard time keeping to myself. I’ve always been a fan of perfume and remember getting my first sample of perfume set from my godmother at the age of 15 for my birthday.

It was by Givenchy and I fell in love with fragrances ever since then. Recently, I decided to visit my local department store, which is the bay and received a sample of prada candy gloss. At first.

I was pretty skeptical the way that they make these fragrances these days. Sometimes they are either too strong or too sweet smelling so I sampled the product candy gloss and I thought it was nice, and then I bought the smaller bottle because I noticed that my regular size bottle seemed to last forever.

I ended up using the whole bottle and went back to the department store looking for more and then I saw that there were more versions of the product candy.

There was prada kiss,prada floral and prada gloss, the one that I have .I decided to get the product kiss which I liked even better than the Prada gloss. It’s just so light and it isn’t too strong smelling like vanilla and smells like vanilla.

So if any of you ladies are in the market for a new fragrance try the product kiss, you will love it. Visit this link to purchase it online . Now recently I stopped at a fragrance bar and notice that prada came out with another new fragrance.

This one is called Prada Candy Night  . I tried it and it smelled great. It’s similar to the prada kiss, but sweeter with more vanilla and hints of chocolate.

This is going to be my next Splurge item and I definitely am going to be purchasing this fragrance. Once I have saved up enough money. I would definitely recommend this fragrance if you’re in the market for a new fragrance.

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