Fitness talk…

I know it’s been a minute since I posted an article in my blog. It’s because I’ve been very busy lately. I finally found some time to post and this time it’s all about clothing. I’ve been on a mission to lose some weight and so far. I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started a year ago. It seems like this may be kind of off topic, but I want to talk about workout clothes. I recently stopped by my local sporting goods store, which is called sport chek in Canada, and I stumbled upon some really nice workout clothes. I purchased this Nike top which can be purchased through this affiliate Link at Sport Chek and it was on sale too. I think it was on sale for about $35. I also bought a floral Adidas tank top, which I thought was all so cute and I love the floral arrangements. You can purchase them here. Working out takes a lot of hard work and discipline and you should also learn to find ways to love doing it. I found that incorporating the latest fashion trends into my workout routine has enhanced my workouts and I feel better about myself every time I invest in some good quality clothing.

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