Prada Candy

Today, I’m going to share with you a secret that I have had a hard time keeping to myself. I’ve always been a fan of perfume and remember getting my first sample of perfume set from my godmother at the age of 15 for my birthday. It was by Givenchy and I fell in love with fragrances ever since then. Recently, I decided to visit my local department store, which is the bay and received a sample of prada candy gloss. At first. I was pretty skeptical the way that they make these fragrances these days. Sometimes they are either too strong or too sweet smelling so I sampled the product candy gloss and I thought it was nice, and then I bought the smaller bottle because I noticed that my regular size bottle seemed to last forever. I ended up using the whole bottle and went back to the department store looking for more and then I saw that there were more versions of the product candy. There was prada kiss,prada floral and prada gloss, the one that I have .I decided to get the product kiss which I liked even better than the Prada gloss. It’s just so light and it isn’t too strong smelling like vanilla and smells like vanilla. So if any of you ladies are in the market for a new fragrance try the product kiss, you will love it. Visit this link to purchase it online . Now recently. I stopped at a fragrance bar and notice that prada came out with another new fragrance. This one is called Prada Candy Night  . I tried it and it smelled great. It’s similar to the prada kiss, but sweeter with more vanilla and hints of chocolate. This is going to be my next Splurge item and I definitely am going to be purchasing this fragrance. Once I have saved up enough money. I would definitely recommend this fragrance if you’re in the market for a new fragrance.

Tim Horton’s pumpkin spiced iced cappuccino

I just wanted to give a review on the new Tim Hortons pumpkin spice cappuccino. Usually when I go to Tim’s I buy the hot pumpkin spice latte.  Today I wanted to try something different and try the pumpkin spice cappuccino. At first I thought that it would be a complete waste of money. But when I tried it, I was amazed! it tasted so good that I wanted to make a post about it on my blog. I would even say that it is better than a Starbucks frappuccino. So if you’re ever in Canada, please stop at a Tim Hortons and try this drink, it will really make your day .To me it tastes like the obvious pumpkin spice, but it also tasted like cookie dough as well. A nice change from the usual iced cappuccino and Frappuccinos from Starbucks and I only plan on purchasing this Indulgence maybe once a week because I’m trying to save money and Starbucks and Tim’s can get pretty expensive.

Powder VS. no Powder

Powder VS. no Powder

I was playing with some makeup today and noticed that after I apply my liquid foundation, I set my face with powder. I was always taught to put on setting powder, after the foundation is applied. But , when I took a few pictures I noticed that my face looked so dry and gave it that caked on look. This time I wanted to try the same look but with just the foundation alone. In my powder vs. no powder picture, I am wearing mac cosmetics water weight foundation in NC50 and in the picture with powder, I am wearing Mac studio fix. So far I have learned something new, and that is to stay way from setting powders. Which one do you like the best? the one where I am wearing the powder (on the left ) or the one without the powder ( on the right)? If you’re looking for the same foundation that I have on, visit the affiliate link here.

My Review of The Breville Cafe Roma

new facts about my fitness life (1)


As you have read from my previous blog post, I got a new espresso machine. Starbucks was hitting me up for my hard earned cash and I just couldn’t stand handing over the money. It felt like I was getting robbed. So I made the investment and bought a decent espresso machine from Amazon, hoping that I would be able to brew up my own latte. The investment that I made for the machine was for $150 canadian dollars. So it was kind of expensive but not in comparison to what I was spending at starbucks. Before, I would end up spending around $350 per month on fast food. I quickly noticed this and started to prepare my own food at home. So far I have saved $400 dollars. Anywayz, I would give this machine 9 out of ten stars. It is so easy to make coffee now! Before I was usinga milk frother/warmer from amazon and there was alot of cleaning invloved in keeping the warmer clean and cleaning up the burnt milk off of the warmer was a pain in the but! Now, all I have to do is put in the coffee grinds and use the milk jug that comes with it and steam the milk, the milk jug is so easy to clean. I can now make a latte in under 15min (including steaming the milk). If I want to make my own regular cup of coffee all I have to do is dilute the esspresso from the small cup with some hot water and there you have it! A regular cup of coffee. And I noticed the taste of the latte is phenominal ! I love it! At one time I wanted to make more than one cup. And I would pair the lattes with my favorite Torani syrup (vanilla and caramel) and would always want more. This little machine has stopped me from going to starbucks so far and I have probably only spent $20 there so far ever since I bought the machine, and I don’t plan on ever going back! If you are interested in purchasing your own cafe roma espresso machine, click here or on the affiliate link for a great deal.

Made a big purchase…


Breville cafe aroma


Well, it’s been a while since I last posted and boy did I miss this blog. I took a break from blogging because I thought that I needed a break from everything. Ever since then, a lot has changed for me. I got a new job, and started going to the Gym and lost 8 pounds so far and am on my fourth month since I started. I also got the urge again to post on my blog because I am excited about a big purchase that I made. I bought an espresso machine! I just though that I should share this because coffee has been an important part of my life. BUT I feel like I have been spending too much money on lattes and capuccinos at Starbucks and Second cup. They are great cafes mind you but I just fee like I have been visiting them more than I should. Last night I did some budgeting on my favorite budgeting app (Mint) and it told me that I had spent $350 on fast food for the last month ! Now I have learned to be more cautious about my money recently and could not turn down the opportunity to save on some money. So I bought an espresso machine! It’s by Breville and it’s called the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine. I am so excited about this purchase because now I can save almost over half of the amount of money that I spent on fast food.

I was MIA

Hello everyone and welcome again to my blog. Now I know that I have been MIA and while I was MIA I have found a new hobby. Can you guess what it is? It’s exercising. Back then I had been going to the gym about twice a week and in all of that I had not been getting any results. Then one day I got on facebook and started browsing members ect. checking to see if I knew any of thes people. Then I saw a lady with a before and after picture of her fitness documentary. It was a huge transformation, I mean in the before picture her belly was huge and round like a basketball, and then her after picture was back to it’s normal size. So I sent her a private message and she told me about beachbody and how she stopped going to the gym anymore. She was actually a beachbody coach and didn’t mind helping me out. Anywayz, later on I went to the beachbody website and there they gave me the app to use for the workouts. And ever since then I have been hooked on exercising and taking care of my health. As a matter of fact I have already lost 2 inches around my waist ad I started back in March of this year. Now I workout everyday as I am trying to loose some of my unwanted belly fat and will hopefully loose some more weight, and I will keep you all updated on that in the future.